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Appraisal and Recognitions Awards
Posted by     10/29/2022 00:00:00    0 Comments
Appraisal and Recognitions Awards

Coming to the end of year is always a good time recognize or appraise an employee or student or even athlete. These recognitions are usually awards given in the form of a plaque, trophy or even a letter of appreciation to someone who have achieved a goal, performed well, or exhibited a behavior that is worth awarding.

To the recipients, these awards are more than an recognition. These awards are souvenirs of achievements that they are proud to keep for many years to come. Therefore these awards must be created in a way that looks exclusive for a long time.

At Freemiums, we have highly exclusive crystal trophy and plaques for every level of recognition. These crystals awards can be personalized for each category of awards with the recipient's name engraved.

We do have a range of medals made of pewter that can suit school for sports and competitions. 

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